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03/13/2017 - 04/22/2017
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Nibley City Council Public Hearing Notice for March 30, 2017 The Nibley City Council will hold a public hearing to receive comment concerning the proposed Tin Rope Subdivision approximately at 500 W and 3200 S. This hearing will be held on Thursday March 30, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. or as soon thereafter as can be heard and will be held at Nibley City Hall, 455 W 3200 S Nibley, UT. Please contact Nibley City at 435-752-0431 for more information. The Nibley City Council will hold a public hearing to receive comment concerning a proposed c... READ MORE

Posted: March 19, 2017 19:25 am
Legal Notice (03/19/2017 - 03/19/2017)

LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given of the following PUBLIC HEARINGS to be considered by the Cache County Council at a meeting to be held at the Cache County Council Chambers (Historic Court House) 199 North Main, Logan, Utah; March 28, 2017. The notice is as follows: 5:30 p.m. - Reed & Joan Baldwin Rezone - A request for a rezone of 4.18 acres of property at approximately 9550 South 200 West, south of Paradise, from the Agricultural (A10) Zone to Rural 2 (RU2) Zone. Tax ID: 01-105-0011, 01-105-0020. 5:40 p.m. - Amendments to Title 17 regarding Agritourism, and a... READ MORE

Posted: March 19, 2017 19:25 am

LEGAL NOTICE Logan Historic Preservation Committee April 3, 2017 The following public hearing will be held in the Logan City Municipal Council Chambers at 290 North 100 West at 12:00 p.m. All comments must be submitted to Community Development to be included in the public record no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017. Contact 716-9036 for further info. Workshop & Public Meeting The City of Logan is working with Io Design Collaborative to update the Historic District Design Standards. The update is being guided by a Steering Committee comprised of m... READ MORE

Posted: March 19, 2017 19:25 am
Legal Notice (03/17/2017 - 03/17/2017)

LEGAL NOTICE A Notice of Intent for the following project submitted in accordance with R307-401-1, Utah Administrative Code (UAC), has been received for consideration by the Director: Company Name: Swift Beef Company, Inc. Location: Swift Beef Company, Inc.- Hyrum Meat Packing Plant - 410 North 200 West, Hyrum, UT, Cache County Project Description: Swift Beef Company, Inc. has requested a modification to Approval Order DAQE-AN100510014-14, to update conditions and emissions. The source has requested to lower the potential to emit of NOX to 65.5 ton... READ MORE

Posted: March 17, 2017 18:33 am

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Lewiston City Public Notice is hereby given of a Public Hearing to be held March 21, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. in the Lewiston City Club Room located at 29 South Main, Lewiston, Utah. The purpose of the Public Hearing is to accept public input regarding; 1.Budget Revisions/Modifications for FY 16-17. Publication date: March 14, 2017

Posted: March 14, 2017 14:27 am
Legal Notice (03/12/2017 - 03/26/2017)

LEGAL NOTICE IN THE FIRST JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT COUNTY OF CACHE, STATE OF UTAH ANNOUNCEMENT OF APPOINTMENTAND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of JERRY EDWARD OLSEN, Deceased Probate No. 163100174 ES MERILEE KAYE HOECHERL, whose address is 2270 E Willow View Way, Sandy, UT 84092, has been appointed as Personal Representative of the above entitled estate. Creditors of the estate are hereby notified to: (1) deliver or mail their written claims to the Personal Representative at the address above; (2) deliver or mail their written claims to the Representative\'s attorney ... READ MORE

Posted: March 12, 2017 21:57 pm

2017 STATE OF UTAH NOXIOUS WEED LIST The following weeds are designated as noxious for the State of Utah, as per the, Utah Noxious Weed Act:\" Common Crupina Dyers Woad African Rue Yellow Starthistle Small Bugloss Yellow Toadflax Mediterranean Sage Diffuse Knapweed Spring Millet Black Henbane Syrian Beancaper Dalmation Toadflax North African Grass Russian Knapweed Plumeless Thistle Houndstounge Malta Thistle Broad-leaved Peppergrass (Tall Whitetop) Camelthorn Phragmities Garlic Mustard Tamarisk Purple Starthistle Hoary Cress Goatsrue Canada This... READ MORE

Posted: March 12, 2017 18:33 am
Notice To Water Users (03/09/2017 - 03/16/2017)

NOTICE TO WATER USERS The applications below were filed with the Division of Water Rights in Cache County. These are informal proceedings per Rule R655-6-2. Protests concerning an application must be legibly written or typed, contain the name and mailing address of the protesting party, STATE THE APPLICATION NUMBER PROTESTED, CITE REASONS FOR THE PROTEST, and REQUEST A HEARING, if desired. Also, A $15 FEE MUST BE INCLUDED FOR EACH APPLICATION PROTESTED. Protests must be filed with the Division of Water Rights, PO Box 146300, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6300, or by hand d... READ MORE

Posted: March 09, 2017 16:01 pm

PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE CACHE COUNTY REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION PLAN: 2015-2040 The Cache Metropolitan Planning Organization (CMPO) is seeking public review and comment on a proposed amendment to its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). The RTP serves as the template for transportation development for highways, bicycle and pedestrian improvements and public transit in the Logan Urbanized region through the year 2040. The amendment changes the lane configuration of the proposed 400 North realignment of SR 30 (Project # II-5) from roughly 1400 West to Main Street from... READ MORE

Posted: March 01, 2017 18:33 am

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