Summons/ Vernon Trevor Woolf

Vernon Trevor Woolf

Vernon Trevor Woolf
Gust Rosenfeld P.L.C., 201 East Washington, Suite 800, Phoenix, Arizona 85004-2327, Telephone No. 602-257-7422, Facsimile No. 602-254-4878, Kent E. Cammack - 005863 kcammack@ Attorneys for Plaintiff In The Superior Court Of The State
Of Arizona In And For The County Of Maricopa Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as Receiver for ANB Financial N.A., Plaintiff, vs. Hunter's Ranch LLC, a Utah limited liability company; Ronald E. Jewett, Jr. and Kim D. Jewett, husband and wife; Scott D.
Pethel and Janna R. Pethel, husband and wife; Vernon Trevor Woolf and Linda K. Woolf, husband and wife; and John Doe, Defendants. Case No. CV2010-019543 Summons If You Want The Advice Of A Lawyer, You May Wish To Contact The Lawyer Referral
Service At 602-257-4434 Or On-Line At LRS Is Sponsored By The Maricopa County Bar Association. The State Of Arizona To The Defendants: Vernon Trevor Woolf, husband of Linda K. Woolf, 14258 South Canyon Vine Cove, Draper,
Utah 84020. You Are Hereby Summoned and required to appear and defend, within the time applicable, in this action in this court. If served within Arizona, you shall appear and defend within 20 days after the service of the Summons and Complaint upon you,
exclusive of the day of service. If served outside of the State of Arizona - whether by direct service, or by publication - you shall appear and defend within 30 days after the service of the Summons and Complaint upon you is complete, exclusive of the day of service.
Service by registered or certified mail without the State of Arizona is complete 30 days after the date of receipt by the party being served. Service by publication is complete 30 days after the date of first publication. Direct service is complete when made. Service
upon the Arizona Motor Vehicle Superintendent is complete 30 days after filing the Affidavit of Compliance and return receipt or officer's Return. Where process is served upon the Arizona Director of Insurance as an insurer's attorney to receive service of legal
process against it in this State, the insurer shall not be required to appear, answer or otherwise plead until expiration of 40 days after date of service upon the Director. RCP 4: ARS Sections 20-222, 28-502, 28-503. Copies of the pleadings filed herein may be
obtained by contacting the Clerk of Superior Court, Maricopa County, located at 201 West Jefferson, Phoenix, Arizona. You Are Hereby Notified that in case of your failure to appear and defend within the time applicable, judgment by default may be rendered
against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. Requests For Reasonable Accommodation For Persons With Disabilities Must Be Made To The Division Assigned To The Case By Parties At Least 3 Judicial Days In Advance Of A Scheduled Court Proceeding.
You Are Cautioned that in order to appear and defend you must file an Answer or proper response in writing with the Clerk of this Court, accompanied by the necessary filing fee, within the time required, and you are required to serve a copy of any Answer or
response upon the Plaintiffs' attorney. RCP 10(D); ARS Section 12-311; RCP 5. The name and address of Plaintiff's attorney is: Kent E. Cammack, Gust Rosenfeld P.L.C., 201 E. Washington, Suite 800, Phoenix, AZ 85004-2327 Signed And Sealed this date: Jun 17
2010 /s/ Michael K. Jeanes, Clerk Clerk By /s/ D. Stephens Deputy Clerk Deputy Clerk. Method of Service: Private Process Service.
Date of first publication February 4, 2011 - 2-25-2011

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