PUBLIC NOTICE Adoption of Ordinance 558, Series 2017

The Grand County Council passed, adopted, and approved, Ordinance No. 558 in open session on 4th of April, 2017, an amendment to Article 10 of the Grand County Land Use Code, to include definitions of Refuse, Debris or Junk; Unkempt Conditions; Registered Vehicle; and Inoperable, Wrecked or Unregistered Vehicle.
A complete copy is available at the Grand County Clerk\'s office, 125 East Center, Moab, Utah or on the County website;
PASSED, ADOPTED, AND APPROVED by the Grand County Council in open session this 2nd day of May, 2017, by the following vote: Voting \"aye\", Chris Baird, Jaylyn Hawks, Curtis Wells, Greg Holiday, and Mary McGann. Those Absent, Evan Clapper and Rory Paxman.
Published in The Times-Independent, Moab, Utah May 18, 2017.

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