SUBJECT: Road Vacation
of a portion of
Lakeshore Drive located
between Sunset
Road and Ally Acres
Minor Subdivision in
Lake Point, Tooele
County, Utah.
The description of the
portion of the road to
be vacated is:
Beginning at a point
which l ies South
0023\'14\" West along
the section line 276.99
feet and Wes t
1,530.30 feet from the
North Quarter Corner
of Section 1, Township
2 South, Range 4
West, Salt Lake Base
and Meridian, Tooele
County, Utah, (basis of
bearing being South
0023\'14\" West between
the North Quarter
Corner and South
Quarter Corner of Section
1, T2S, R4W),
said point also being
on the west line of Parcel
1-F as defined in
Pastures at Saddleback
P.U.D. Plat 3 as
recorded in the office
of the Tooele County
recorder as Entry No.
439192, and running
t h e n c e S o u t h
0604\'10\" East along
said west line 45.12
feet; thence North
8832\'46\" West 14.43
feet; thence South
0042\'36\" East 44.97
feet; thence South
0329\'39\" East 70.10
feet; thence South
0417\'04\" East 66.36
feet; thence South
0234\'38\" East 66.63
feet; thence South
0205\'22\" East 74.25
feet; thence South
0216\'04\" East 60.79
feet; thence South
0323\'48\" East 93.67
feet; thence South
0216\'58\" East 114.99
feet; thence South
0906\'18\" West 34.00
feet; thence South
1755\'45\" West 87.42
feet; thence South
1958\'45\" West 84.38
feet; thence South
2009\'40\" West 81.99
feet; thence South
2149\'06\" West 118.79
feet; thence South
2236\'03\" West 131.77
feet; thence South
2249\'40\" West 233.76
feet; thence South
2247\'44\" West 251.42
feet; thence South
2247\'23\" West 215.23
feet; thence South
2239\'34\" West 96.64
feet to the extension of
the north line of Lot 1
of Ally Acres Minor
Subdivision as recorded
in the office of
the Tooele County recorder
as Entry Number
318694; thence
North 8928\'45\" West
along said extension
71.80 feet; thence
North 2127\'14\" East
133.35 feet; thence
North 2156\'24\" East
211.19 feet; thence
North 2151\'24\" East
248.98 feet; thence
North 2203\'48\" East
243.40 feet; thence
North 2206\'51\" East
238.06 feet; thence
North 1617\'51\" East
358.98 feet; thence
North 0900\'28\" West
115.03 feet; thence
North 0038\'03\" East
211.46 feet; thence
North 0407\'27\" East
78.14 feet; thence
North 0046\'55\" West
79.86 feet; thence
North 1331\'08\" West
44.30 feet to the south
line of said Plat 3;
t h e n c e N o r t h
8356\'13\" East along
said south line 66.00
feet to the point of beginning.
Containing 142,970
Square Feet or 3.282
On Wednesday, May
3, 2017, the Tooele
County Planning Commission
will hold a
public hearing on the
above described road
vacation. The meeting
will be held at the
Tooele County Administ
rat ion Bui lding,
(Auditorium, first floor),
47 South Main,
Tooele, Utah 84074 at
7:00 p.m.
For questions or to review
a map of the road
vacation described
above contact the
Tooele County Planning
Office Room 208
of the County Building
or call (435) 843-3274.
The public is welcome
to provide any written
comments to the Planning
Office at 47 S.
Main in the Tooele
County Building prior
to the meeting or to attend
the meeting to
gain information or
voice your opinion regarding
this issue.
For questions or addit
ional informat ion,
please contact the
Pl a n n i n g Of f i c e
Future meeting regarding
this application will
be posted at the
Tooele County Building,
advertised in the
public notice section of
the Tooele Transcript
Bulletin and posted on
the Tooele County
Blaine Gehring, AICP
Tooele County Planner
(Published in the Transcript
Bulletin April 20,

Newspaper Administration