In accordance with Mt. Pleasant City Ordinance Number 2011-02 and in compliance with Section 10-8-2(4) of the Utah State Code, a public hearing is scheduled to take place at Mt. Pleasant City Hall, 115 Main Street, Mt. Pleasant, Utah on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.
This public hearing focuses on the two pieces of property located in Mt. Pleasant Airport Industrial Park to remove Lot 22 from the subdivision to allow consolidation.
The property combined description is as follows:
Beginning South 3178.06 feet and West 99.29 feet from the Northwest corner of Section 10, Township 15 South, Range 4 East of the Salt Lake Base Meridian; being at the Southwest corner of Lot 22, Mt. Pleasant Airport Industrial Park; thence South 51 51 31 West 137.77 feet along the Northerly Right-of-way marker; thence South 51 51 31 West 26.23 feet; thence North 38 08 29 West 200.48 feet; thence North 51 51 31 East 164 feet from the Northwest corner of Lot 22, thence North 51 51 31 East 164 feet to the Northeast corner of aforementioned Lot 22; thence South 38 88 29 East 200.48 feet to the Southeast corner of said Lot 22; thence South 5151 31 West 164.08 feet to the Southwest corner of said Lot 22 and being the point of beginning. Area: 1.505 acres more or less.
Parcel #: Being a consolidation of #16788X16 and #16922. Being a consolidation of a metes and bounds description and Lot 22 of the Mt. Pleasant Airport Industrial Park, Plat A.
If you would like to attend this Public Hearing and need help in order to attend or participate in the hearing, please call Jane Banks at (435) 462-2456 at least 24 hours prior to the hearing and she will make reasonable accommodations.
Jane Banks
Mt. Pleasant City
Legal Notice 5820 Published in The Pyramid April 20 and 27, 2017.

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