The Uintah Transportation Special Service District (UTSSD) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications and Experience from environmental consulting firms to provide professional wetland mitigation site monitoring services. The wetland mitigation site is located approximately 5.5 miles southwest of Jensen, UT. The work will include (in no order of priority):
1. Photo documentation of the site at specified locations
2. Evaluation of wetland habitat along defined transects
3. Checking groundwater monitoring wells
4. Compilation of all pertinent data into U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) approved format for annual monitoring report, to be submitted no later than October 31, 2017
Statements of Qualifications and Experience (SOQ) should be limited to no more than 3 pages in length, excluding resumes, and include evidence of a minimum of 2 similar monitoring projects completed within the past 5 years. Please limit resumes submitted to those personnel that will work on the project. Please submit one original copy and one digital copy (USB drive) of the SOQ in a sealed envelope clearly marked \"Request for Qualifications for the Wetland Monitoring Project\". In a separate sealed envelope, please submit a Not to Exceed Price Quote.
Selection will be based on the Firm\'s previous experience performing similar work. It is preferred that the selected Firm have previous experience with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, particularly the Bountiful, UT Regulatory Office, 404 Wetland Permits, and monitoring wetlands for 404 Wetland Permits with the Corps. Selection will be based on Firm qualifications.
The Wetland Monitoring Report must be submitted and received by the Corps· Bountiful, UT Regulatory Office no later than October 31, 2017. Proof of delivery will be required by the UTSSD.
Proposals will be received until 4:00pm on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at the UTSSD office at 320 N. Aggie Blvd., Suite 138R, Vernal, UT. Proposals received after 4:00 pm on May 2 will not be considered. It is anticipated that the successful Firm will be selected at the UTSSD Board Meeting on May 10, 2017.
An information packet containing the 404 permit, Corps-approved mitigation plan, as-built engineering drawings of the wetland mitigation site, and the initial monitoring report from November 2016 is available by request. To request the information packet, call Tammie Mecham of the UTSSD at (435) 789-4636, or visit the UTSSD during regular business hours at 320 N. Aggie Blvd., Suite 138R, Vernal, UT.
Published in the Vernal Express April 18 and 25, 2017.

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