NEPHI CITY NOTICE OF ORDINANCE: The Nephi City Council has adopted the following ordinance: 04-04-17(b) AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE ZONE MAP OF NEPHI CITY, STATE OF UTAH. PART I Be it ordained by the City Council of Nephi City, State of Utah, that the Official Zone Map of the City is hereby amended so the following described property is changed from Residential R1-8 to Residential R3: All of Lot 3, Block 28, Plat C of the Nephi Townsite Survey Approximately 800 North 100 West PART II The above-described area shall be subject to all requirements and conditions applicable with the Residential R3 Zone. PART III This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect upon its passage and first publication. This Ordinance was passed and ordered published by the City Council of Nephi, Utah, this the 4th day of April, 2017. The effective date of this ordinance is the date on which it is posted. /s/ Mark R. Jones Mayor ATTEST: /s/ Lisa E. Brough City Recorder /s/ City Seal
Published in The Times-News, Nephi, Utah on 4/12/2017.

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