Delta, Sutherland, Oasis
Cemetery, Hinckley and Deseret
Cemetery will begin regular
cemetery lawn maintenance from
April 15, 2017 to October 15,
2017. We ask that all items located
outside the mow strip or items that
are not in accordance with the
cemetery district rules be removed
during our lawn maintenance time
frame of April 15 to October 15.
We will make exceptions for dates
surrounding special occasions,
such as Memorial Day, Motherís
Day, Fatherís Day, Birthdayís and
Death dates. All items that are not
in accordance with the cemetery
rules will be removed and placed by
the shed for one weeks time before
they are disposed of.
If you have any questions you
may contact the Delta Cemetery/
Oasis, Christina Stanworth 435-
406-5522, Sutherland Cemetery,
Howard Bassett, 435-979-1547
Hinckley cemetery, Dennis Johnson
435-406-9255, Deseret Cemetery,
Brent Cropper, 435-406-9138.
Published in the Millard County
Chronicle Progress April 12
& 19, 2017

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