LEGAL NOTICE Logan Planning Commission April 27, 2017

Logan Planning Commission
April 27, 2017

The following public hearing(s) will be held in the Logan City Municipal Council Chambers at 290 North 100 West at 5:30 p.m. Contact 716-9021 or for further info.

PC 17-017 Factory - Phase 3 [Design Review & Conditional Use Permit] Josh Arrington (Upwall Design)/Austin Ridge Apartments LLC, authorized agent/owner, request an addition to the existing project for a 49-unit student housing development accommodating 139 students and the addition of 150 parking stalls located at 860 North 650 East in the Campus Residential (CR) zone; TIN 07-065-0003;-0004;-0005;-0006.

PC 17-018 Express Carwash Rezone [Zone Change] Phil Goodlander/Southpoint Holdings LLC, authorized agent/ owner, requests a zone change from Mixed Use (MU) to Commercial (COM) for 1.20 acres located at 633 South Main; TIN 02-063-0010;-0011.

PC 17-019 Dr. Schvaneveldt Commercial Office [Design Review Permit] Michael Taylor (Civil Solutions Group)/ Brandon Schvaneveldt, authorized agent/owner, request to demolish the existing car wash and construct a 2-unit, 4,200 SF commercial building. One unit will be for a dental practice and the other will be leased. The project includes a parking lot, sidewalks, storm water system and landscaping on .42 acres located at 394 South Main in the Commercial (COM) zone; TIN 02-053-0010;-0011;-0030.

Publication date: April 16, 2017

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