Notice is hereby given that the Ogden Valley Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on March 28, 2017 at 5:00 PM and that the Western Weber Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on April 11, 2017 at 5:00 PM, each to be held in the Commission Chambers, 1st Floor, Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd. Ogden, Utah, regarding a proposal to amend the following sections of Weber County Code: Township Planning Districts (Part I, 2-17), Special Events (Part I, 38-1), Definitions ( 101-1-7), Land Use Permit Revocation ( 102-4-3), Rezone Procedures ( 102-5-5), Ogden Valley Destination and Recreation Resort Zone DRR-1 Development Standards ( 104-29-2), Agency Review and Public Notice ( 106-1-6), Final Plat Requirements and Approval procedures (106-1-8), Conditional Use Revocation and Expiration ( 108-4-8), and Public Buildings and Public Utility Substations and Structures ( 108-10) to reduce redundancies in the definition of "Lot of Record," to update the definition of "Restricted Lot," to clarify the definition of "Recreation Lodge," to remove outdated references to "townships," to assign a new approval authority for special event permits, to clarify provisions for permit/approval expirations, to extend review timeframe between application submittal and Land Use Authority review for subdivision plat approval and to clarify the type of meeting and notice required, and to clarify and add flexibility for public utility structures and their setbacks. Copies of the proposal may be reviewed prior to the hearing in the Weber County Planning Division Office located in Suite #240 of the Weber Center.

Pub. March 18, 2017 906786

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