Notice is given that the
Stockton Planning
Commission will hold a
regular meeting and a
public hearing on Monday,
March 20, 2017
promptly at 6:00 pm in
the Planning Commission
Chambers at the
Stockton Town Hall 18
N. Johnson Street,
Stockton, Utah. In
compliance with the
American Disabilities
Act, any individual who
may need special accommodations
auxiliary communicative
and services
during this meeting
shall notify the Town
Cler k at (435)
882-3877 at least 24
hours prior to the
meeting. The order of
Agenda Items may be
changed if deemed appropriate
by the Chairman.
Time limits, if
any listed for Agenda
items are approximate
and may be accelerated
or delayed.
Monday, March 20,
6:00 pm
Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Travel to Site - 275
South Sheridan-Observe
location for construction
of single car
3. Return to Town Hall
- Reconvene Meeting
4 . D i s c u s s f o r
to allow a single car
garage to be built at
275 South Sheridan
5. Approval and signature
of Conditional
Use Permit #2017-01
for Robyn Robbins to
be added to Town
Council Agenda (Two
(2) horses at 314
North Connor Avenue)
6. Submit names to
Mayor Whitney for the
following individuals to
be appointed to the
Stockton Planning
Commission - Joseph
Johnston to replace
David Rusk; Vicki
Nash to replace Kaye
7. Adjourn
Final action may be
taken in relation to any
topic listed on the
agenda Including without
limitation, adoption,
rejection, and
amendment, Addition
of conditions, and
variation of options
By Diana Marks, Town
Public notice provided
as follows: posting
Town Hall and at the
Town Post Office; and
publications at the
Utah Public Notice
Web Site, Town Website
(Published in the Transcript
Bulletin March
14, 2017)

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