A Notice of Intent for
the following project
submitted in accord
a n c e w i t h
R307-401-1, Utah Administ
rat ive Code
(UAC), has been received
for consideration
by the Director:
Company Name:
Detroit Remanufacturing
Location: Detroit Remanufacturing
100 South Lodestone
Way, Tooele, UT,
Tooele County
Project Description:
On January 6, 2017,
Detroit Remanufacturing
LLC submitted a
Notice of Intent for a
dual-purpose project.
The project involves
installing a new cartridge-
style dust collector.
In addition, the
Tooele County based
facility wishes to establish
plant-wide Potential
to Emit (PTE)
emissions below the
major source thresholds
in anticipation of
the upcoming PM2.5
Serious nonattainment
State Implementation
Plan. This involves
updating the equipment
list in the Approval
Order and removing
equipment no
longer in operation at
the facility, placing a
limit on total Volatile
Organic Compounds
emissions, and monitoring
total fuel combustion.
The facility is located
in the City of Tooele, in
Tooele County, a part
of the Salt Lake City
PM2.5 Nonattainment
Area. The combined
changes in emissions
resulting from this project
are the following
(all values are in tons
per year): PM10 -0.2,
PM2.5 (a subset of
PM10) NA (not previously
listed), NOx
-40.3, SO2 -2.4, CO
-30.1, VOC -20.49,
and HAPs -2.49. The
resulting PTE, also in
tons per year, can then
be est imated at :
PM10 = 9.5, PM2.5 =
9.5, NOx = 57.0, SO2
= 4.0, CO = 61.0, VOC
= 63.0, HAPs = 5.0.
Total GHG are estimated
at 183,000 tons
as CO2e.
The completed engineering
evaluation and
air quality impact
analysis showed that
the proposed project
meets the requirements
of federal air
quality regulations and
the State air quality
rules. The Director intends
to issue an Approval
Order pending a
30-day public comment
period. The project
proposal, estimate
of the effect on local
air quality and draft
Approval Order are
available for public inspection
and comment
at the Utah Division of
Air Quality, 195 North
1950 West, Salt Lake
City, UT 84116. Written
comments received
by the Division
at this same address
on or before April 13,
2017 will be considered
in making the final
decision on the approval/
disapproval of
the proposed project.
Email comments will
also be accepted at If
anyone so requests to
the Director in writing
within 15 days of publication
of this notice, a
hearing will be held in
ac cordance wi th
R307-401-7, UAC.
Un d e r S e c t i o n
19-1-301.5, a person
who wishes to challenge
a Permit Order
may only raise an issue
or argument during
an adjudicatory
proceeding that was
raised during the public
comment period
and was supported
with sufficient information
or documentation
to enable the Director
to fully consider the
substance and significance
of the issue.
Date of Notice: March
14, 2017
(Published in the Transcript
Bulletin March
14, 2017)

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