Regular full-time Planner and
Building Official/Inspector
Millard County will be accepting
applications for the combined
position of regular full-time County
Planner and Building Official/
Inspector. The applicant must be
a certified building inspector, including
commercial. The applicant
must also have a bachelor’s degree
and/or equivalent experience
in rural planning and development.
Preference will be given based
upon education and experience.
Application packets are available
during regular business hours
at the Millard County Offices, 71
South 200 West, Delta. Request
an application packet by mail by
calling (435) 864-1400 or submitting
an e-mail request to lmiller@
Application with a résumé and
copies of certifications must be
received at the Millard County Offices,
71 South 200 West, Delta by
5:00 p.m. March 17, 2017.
Millard County is an Equal Opportunity
Employer and At-Will
Published in the Millard County
Chronicle Progress MARCH 8
& 15, 2017.

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