Notice is hereby given that a petition from Riley Probst has been filed with Heber City Corporation proposing the annexation of the hereinafter described acreage known as the Three String Holdings, LLC Annexation. The proposed parcel is located at approximately 1568 South Highway 189, Heber City, Utah. Following is the legal description:
Beginning at the East Quarter Section Corner of Section 7, Township 4 South, Range 5 East Salt Lake Base and Meridian Thence:
South 894623 West 2668.36 Feet to the South West Corner of the North East Quarter of the Section.
North 00928 West 304.88 Feet Along the West Boundary of the North East Quarter to the North Highway Right-Of-Way Line and Point of Beginning.
North 00928 West 1035.00 Feet Along the West Boundary of the North East Quarter to a Point on the Southwest Corner of the Beehive Annexation Plat.
Along the South Boundary of the Beehive Annexation Plat the Next Four Courses:
North 895155 East 1124.56 Feet; North 16.50 Feet; North 890625 East 106.65 Feet; North 494922 East 13.92 Feet to a Point on the West Line of the Monroe Annexation (See Entry No. 343294).
South 401230 East 111.57 Feet Along the Monroe West Boundary to a Point on the North Property Boundary Line of the Heber City Airport Annexation (See Entry Number 205688).
Thence Following Said North Property Line of Said Airport South 492455 West 1632.91 Feet.
Thence Leaving Said Northwest Airport Property Line North 403506 West 108.97 Feet to the North Right-Of-Way Line of Highway 189 to the Point of Beginning
Contains 18.55 Acres More or Less.
The Heber City Council received notice of certification under Subsection 10-2-405(2)(C)(i) on March 2, 2017. The annexation petition is available for inspection and copying at the office of the City Recorder.
Heber City may grant the petition and annex the area described in the petition unless by April 3, 2017, a written protest to the annexation petition is filed with the Boundary Commission by delivering a copy to the County Clerk at 25 North Main Street, Heber City and a copy of the protest also delivered to the City Recorder of Heber City at 75 North Main Street, Heber City. Those allowed by law to protest are affected entities (county legislative body, independent special districts, school districts and cities within mile of the area proposed for annexation.)
Michelle Eldredge
City Recorder
Published in the Wasatch Wave March 8, 15 and 22, 2017.

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