Nephi City will hold a general election on November 7, 2017, to allow qualified voters of the community to elect (2) two council members to serve on the Nephi City council for a four year term, and also to elect a Mayor to serve with the city council for a four year term. Nephi city, by ordinance, provides for a non-partisan election with a primary election if needed on August 15, 2017. The only way persons wanting to file for these three public offices and to get their names on the ballot is to file a declaration of candidacy with the Nephi City Recorder, located at 21 East 100 North, during the open filing period or have their names added by petition prior to June 7, 2017. Write-Ins are not allowed for a primary election, if required. The open filing period is during normal office hours from June 1, 2017 until 5 p.m. on June 7, 2017. The qualifications for a candidate are: (1) be a United States Citizen; (2) be at least 18 years old; (3) be a resident of Nephi City for at least 1 year before the election date; (4) be a registered voter of the city. If you have an questions about the filing procedures, please contact Lisa Brough, Nephi City Recorder, at the Nephi City Hall located at 21 E 100 N, or phone (435) 623-0822.
Published in The Times-News, Nephi, Utah on 2/1/2017, and 2/8/2017.

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