Notice is Hearby Given


Of the intent to sell the following property located at KNIGHT STORAGE for failure to pay rent. All Sales will occur on March 5, 2012 at the location, time and unit # listed.

9:00 a.m. Location: 1125 W 200 N Logan

Justin West #36
Skies, sealed boxes
Chris Guvench c/o Debra #85
Clothes, furniture, sealed boxes
Nancy Johnson #93
Table, chairs, TV, sealed boxes

9:30 a.m. Location: 345 W 100 N Providence

Jessica Anderson P106
Couch & loveseat
Richard Memmott P107
Kitchen table, chairs, crib, sealed boxes
Shantel Clark P115
Tools, furniture, toys, speakers, shelves, sealed boxes

10:00 a.m. Location: 185 E 2600 N Logan

Courtney Wood N49
Bed, carpet pad, kitchen table set, snow board, sealed boxes
Keith & Carolyn Koskan N52
Office partitions, Koskan Real Estate signs, bed, office desks, chairs, Xerox copier, sealed boxes
Cynthia Bond Lucas N125
Large fish tanks, furniture, sealed boxes
Aaron Harris N138
TV, books, sealed boxes

10:30 a.m. Location: 777 W 200 S Logan

Yeaton Hopley Clifton c/o Thomas Fraser L6
Bed, chairs, lamps, sealed boxes
Troy Smith L25
Washer, dryer, sealed boxes
Julie Cain L29
Julie Eskelson L62
Lawn mower, snow blower, TV, furniture, old trunk, sealed boxes
Gary Jensen L95
Shelves, filing cabinets, pictures, sealed boxes
Julie Eskelson L96
Furniture, sealed boxes
Michael Christensen L168
Cowboy sculpture, sealed boxes
Daniel Blakely L186
Table, sealed boxes
Melissa Nilson L311
Furniture, crafts, sealed boxes
John Redman c/o Debra Roper L344
Furniture, sealed containers
Shaun White L375
Dresser, bed, sealed boxes
Michael Cartee L391
Exercise equipment, Seth Vicious skis, saddle, furniture, sealed boxes

Knight Storage
Publication Dates: February 17 and 26, 2012

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