The State Engineer received the following Application(s) in Wasatch County (Locations in SLB&M unless otherwise designated).
For more information or to receive a copy of filings, visit or call 1-866-882-4426.
Persons objecting to an application must file a CLEARLY READABLE protest stating FILING NUMBER, REASONS FOR OBJECTION, PROTESTANTS` NAME AND RETURN ADDRESS, and any request for a hearing. Protest AND A $15 PROCESSING FEE MUST BE FILED with the State Engineer, Box 146300, Salt Lake City, UT 84114-6300 ON OR BEFORE MARCH 13, 2012. These are informal proceedings as per Rule R655-6-2 of the Division of Water Rights.
(The Period of Use is generally year-round except irrigation which is generally from Apr 1 to Oct 31 each year.)
55-8367 (a37928): USA Bureau of Reclamation propose(s) using 94.74 ac-ft. from groundwater (Deer Creek Reservoir) for IRRIGATION; STOCKWATERING; DOMESTIC; RECREATION: Use of 800,000 visitors & 13,000 campers (31.99 acre-feet).
55-9357 (a37935): Midway Irrigation Company, Property Reserve Inc. propose(s) using 0.071 cfs or 32.584 ac-ft. from the Provo River (Midway River Ditch) (Service area of Midway Irr Co) for IRRIGATION.
Kent L. Jones, P.E.
Published in The Wasatch Wave on February 15 and 22, 2012.

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