Mission Health Services Inc dba Mission Bear River Valley Care Center LLC dba Bear River Valley Care Center, 460 W 600 N, Tremonton UT 84337, is a nonprofit, tax exempt, healthcare organization which provides a variety of health care services. As a nonprofit health care provider, it is our responsibility to provide uncompensated care as per our mission to people with substantiated need for the care regardless of their ability to pay, their payment sources, creed, color, age, sex or national origin. Information on our organization can be found at or you can contact the administrator 435 257-4400.
The financial situation of each person applying for uncompensated care will be assessed and arrangement made for reduced rates per our guidelines. All alternative sources of reimbursement will be studied prior to uncompensated care being approved.
Any net earnings are used for capital improvements, new equipment, employee training, or resident related services. Net earnings do not go to private shareholders or to individuals.
Published in the Leader on February 15, 2012.

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