A Notice of Intent for the following project submitted in accordance with R307-401-1, Utah Administrative Code (UAC), has been received for consideration by the Executive Secretary, Utah Air Quality Board:
Company Name: Hill Air Force Base
Location: Hill Air Force Base: Main Base 75 CEG/CEV, 7274 Wardleigh Road, Hill Air Force Base, UT, Davis County
Project Description: Hill Air Force (Hill) Base has requested a modification to their metallurgical Approval Order (AO) DAQE-AN0101210210-11, to replace an existing electric plasma arc flame spray gun with two new propane-fired units (a high velocity oxygenated fuel gun (HVOF) and a twin-wire arc gun). Metal flame spray is a metallurgical process by which a molten metal is applied to the surface of a metal part to build it up to specified dimensions and provide a protective metal layer on the surface. The two new guns will be located inside the booth described in Condition II.A.3 of this AO. The booth exhaust passes through a waterfall system to control particulate emissions. The existing electric plasma arc gun will be replaced by the HVOF gun and the workload and materials sprayed will remain the same. Some workload will be transferred from other (grandfathered) processes and be sprayed through the new twin-wire arc gun. The emission increases are from the combustion of propane in the two new guns and the additional wire arc workload to be transferred to this booth. The other existing processes in the permit contain five flame spray booths and two oxygen flame spray booths. The following are the estimated emissions increase for the project: 0.047 Tons Per Year (TPY) of PM10, 0.047 TPY of PM2.5, 0.199 TPY of NOx, 0.023 TPY of SO2, 0.015 TPY of VOC, 0.115 TPY of CO and 0.0464 TPY of Combined HAPs. The following are the total potential to emit emissions for the processes in this AO: 0.526 TPY of PM10, 0.526 TPY of PM2.5, 5.647 TPY of NOx, 2.069 TPY of SO2, 0.577 TPY of VOC, 0.963 TPY of CO and 0.2910 TPY of Total HAPs.
This AO is not subject to any current New Source Performance Standard and is not subject to the National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Aerospace Manufacturing and Reworking Facilities but this source is subject to other federal requirements not listed in this permit. Hill is classified as a major source of air pollution and subject to the Operating Permit Program. Hill is a SIP-listed source, a major source for VOC, PM2.5 and PM10, and a PSD source for NOx and CO. The Title V permit will be administratively amended to incorporate the conditions of this enhanced AO. Hill is located in Davis County, which is a nonattainment area for PM2.5 and a maintenance area for ozone, but is an attainment area for other criteria pollutants. Hill is also located in the PM2.5 nonattainment area of Weber County. Weber County is in attainment for all other criteria pollutants. This project requires a 30-day public comment.
The completed engineering evaluation and air quality impact analysis showed that the proposed project meets the requirements of federal air quality regulations and the State air quality rules. The Executive Secretary intends to issue an Approval Order pending a 30-day public comment period. The project proposal, estimate of the effect on local air quality and draft Approval Order are available for public inspection and comment at the Utah Division of Air Quality, 195 North 1950 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Written comments received by the Division at this same address on or before March 17, 2012 will be considered in making the final decision on the approval/disapproval of the proposed project. Email comments will also be accepted at If anyone so requests to the Executive Secretary at the Division in writing within 15 days of publication of this notice, a hearing will be held in accordance with R307-401-7, UAC.
Date of Notice: February 16, 2012

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