Sealed proposals will be received by Summit County, at the County Engineer’s Office, 60 North Main, Coalville, Utah, until 2:00 p.m., February 28, 2012 and at that time publicly opened for the
County Wide Bridge Painting Project.
The principle items of work are approximately as follows:
2 lump-Traffic Control
2 lump-Cleaning and Overcoating Structural Steel
The project is to be substantially complete by Sept 1, 2012. Liquidated Damages will be enforced at $830 per working day the project is not substantially complete.
Proposal forms, and specifications are on file in the office of the Summit County Engineer at the Summit County Courthouse, P.O. Box 128, 60 North Main in Coalville, Utah 84017. Telephone: (435) 336-3250, where they may be reviewed by prospective bidders. Specifications, and proposal forms, may
be obtained from Summit County Web site at engineering/, or from the Summit County Engineer on, or after February 11, 2012 upon application and payment of a fee of $20.00 no part of which will be refunded. Questions regarding the proposal should be directed to John Angell at 435-336-3291.
Each bidder must submit a bid bond from an approved surety company on forms provided by the Surety Company; or in lieu thereof, certified check, or cashier\'s check for not less than 5% of the total amount of the bid, made payable to Summit County as evidence of good faith and a guarantee that if
awarded the contract, the bidder will execute the contract and furnish the contract bonds as required.
The right to reject any or all bids is reserved.
Dated this 9th day of February , 2012. Summit County Public Works
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Published in The Summit County News February 10 and 17, 2012.

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