NOTICE OF INTERLOCAL AGREEMENTS BETWEEN THE WEST BOUNTIFUL CITY REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY AND THE FOLLOWING TAXING ENTITIES: (1) WEST BOUNTIFUL CITY, (2) DAVIS SCHOOL DISTRICT, (3) SOUTH DAVIS RECREATION DISTRICT, (4) SOUTH DAVIS SEWER DISTRICT, (5) DAVIS COUNTY, (6) DAVIS COUNTY MOSQUITO ABATEMENT DISTRICT, AND (7) THE WEBER BASIN WATER CONSERVANCY DISTRICT. Pursuant to Section 11-13-219, Utah Code Annotated 1953, as amended, the West Bountiful City Redevelopment Agency (the “Agency”), West Bountiful City, Utah (the “City”), Davis School District (the “School District”), South Davis Recreation District (“SDRD”), South Davis Sewer District (“SDSD”), Davis County (the “County”), Davis County Mosquito Abatement District (“DCMAD”), and the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (“WBWCD”), are providing this notice with respect to the Interlocal Agreements (the “Interlocal Agreements”) entered into, separately and individually, by and between the Agency and the City, School District, SDRD, SDSD, County, DCMAD, and WBWCD (the “Taxing Entities”), wherein the Taxing Entities have separately and individually agreed to remit to the Agency annually a portion of the tax increment generated within the West Bountiful Legacy Community Development Project Area, (the “Project Area”) for the purpose of providing funds to the Agency to carry out the Project Area Plan and for the Agency to assist potential developers in offsetting costs and expenses which will be necessary to construct and install certain municipal improvements and other development related costs needed to serve the Project Area. The Interlocal Agreements provide that the Taxing Entities will remit to the Agency annually a portion of the Project Area’s tax increment. The first payment of tax increment from the Taxing Entities to the Agency will occur from tax receipts no later than in the 2014 tax year. A summary of each individual interlocal agreement entered into with the Agency is as follows:
Entity Duration Percent of Increment to Agency Agreement Date
City 15 Years 40% December 6, 201
School District 15 Years 40% November 1, 2011
SDRD 15 Years 40% July 18, 201
SDSD 15 Years 40% July 21, 2011
County 15 Years 40% October 19, 2010
DCMAD 15 Years 40% November 1, 2011
WBWCD 15 Years 40% November 1, 2011
A copy of the Interlocal Agreements are and will be available for public inspection and copying at the Agency’s offices located at 550 North 800 West, West Bountiful, Utah, between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday, for a period of at least 30 days following the publication of this notice. For a period of 30 days after publication of this notice (the “30-Day Period”), any person in interest may contest the Interlocal Agreements or the procedures used to adopt them if the Interlocal Agreements or the procedures fail to comply with any applicable statutory requirements. After the 30-Day Period, no person may contest the Interlocal Agreements for any cause. Dated and published: January 26, 2012.
/s Heidi Voordeckers
City Recorder/Auditor, West Bountiful City C-8234 1/26

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